About Us

LOJA LARANJA was founded in 2006 by NOIA. 

Since a very young age she was attracted to everything connected to Art and Design which let her eventually to a Degree in Industrial Design.  

From small Bookstores, two stores dedicated to Hemp in Oporto and Lisbon and many others , she always was creative and in search for something interesting for her and eventually the customer. 

But it was only in 2006 after a lot of request by  Friends and Family in Portugal, for her carefully handpicked and  Vintage Furniture, she came up with the Idea of opening a Store, so she can share her Love for Design and Furntiture with others. 

After 13 Years , Loja Laranja evolved and open other Stores in Portugal , a lot of Interior Design and was also features in the Press Media. 

In 2019 , Loja Laranja adapted also to new Era of the Internet and is now not only on the Website 

( Lojalaranja.com) but also on the Platform : PAMANO, active.